The Bottled Water That Gives Consumers Greater Choice

Roxane Purified Water, by CG Roxane LLC, from the makers of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, is a brand of bottled water made specially for the Southeastern Sunbelt.

Our national reputation for high quality, efficient production makes us the perfect partner for your growing bottled water needs. Roxane Purified Water is different from other purified waters due to its heritage – our founder had over 60 years in the international bottled water business and CG Roxane has over 30 years of American success.

We take great care and pride to bring you extraordinary refreshment in every bottle.

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Selling Roxane Purified Water Gives You More….

  • 1. Independence.

    Roxane Purified Water, made by CG Roxane LLC, the people who make Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, is the appropriate alternative to large corporate decisions and mandates.

  • 2. Peace of mind.

    Over 30 years of national success means you have proven professionals working to support your water business 24/7.

  • 3. Flexibility.

    Don’t be forced into products or order quantities you don’t want or need. You decide what best fits your needs. 

  • 4. Success.

    Adding Roxane Purified Water keeps the competition honest with programming that can grow your business, day in, day out. 

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